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The year, 2525. The Bears are back for their Super Bowl Win.

The field-goal-kicker is seeing if he can kick 55 yards into a strong head wind. This kicking cage has been reprogrammed to factor in a 30-mph wind at 15 degrees northwest. He has just kicked 5 across, within 30 seconds. The crowd has been watching the scoreboard mounted at the top of the kicking cage. There are 4 seconds left. The crowd jumps to their feet, screaming at the coach to: SEND IN THE KICKER! The fans, the coach and the kicker are confident!

football fieldgoals guaranteed

At this point the color annalist always intones "he was kicking 55 yarders before the game". Hello? That was 3 hours ago! Do you want to be fieldgoal kicker and make $5 million a year? Can you kick a football 50 yards, 90% of the time? What is the difference between you and them: CONFIDENCE. Fieldgoal kickers count off their paces. Some turn their backs to the ball.

As soon as the ball crosses the 50 yard line, the fieldgoal kicker starts warming up, at the kicking cage. Let's make that, SETTING UP IN REAL TIME!

Don't forget? This machine can tell you how far the ball went, the angle height that it traveled, and the angle from left to right, that it crossed the goalpost. This machine reads 180 degrees left and right and up and down.

So what do you want see? Angle velocity, bells and whistles. How about a synthesizer, to get the crowd more into it?

Connect a printer into this kicking machine; kick 20 field goals, in a row, more than 55 yards. Send the printout to the coaches. You will get your try out!

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  • New England won 3 Super Bowls by a fieldgoal.
  • A Super Bowl team collects $100 million.
  • And, possibly another $200 to $300 million in apparel and advertising.
  • Players get a $73,000 bonus for winning a Super Bowl.
  • Football television rights alone, are $1.5 Billion.
  • Field goal kickers can now make $5 million a year and can play for over 20 years.
  • The NFL grossed $ 8 1/2 billion last year.